Release: PongBreakout

What happens when you take two classics such as Pong and Breakout and combine them into one game? Simple you get PongBreakout – PongBreakout is a cross between two classics that have provided hours of endless entertainment throughout the years. This is my first game to ever reach the stage of completion to the point where it has been released, It was originally started during my time at college however was never finished due to lack of time.

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Continuous Learning..

College is out for Easter and I’ve got some reading to do, to continuously develop my ability in programming with several different languages I’ve gone and invested in quite a lot of books to keep myself busy – being eager to make a impression and to keep my portfolio up to date I’ve made a new category under the projects tab called “Book Projects” ill fill this with work that I do from the books providing I find it suitable.

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Games, Games, Games V3

I’m pretty much sure that nobody that visits this website will visit my TrueAchievements page so I decided to copy the blog that I write every year to my website to keep it updated with games that I’m currently working on, If you’d like to help me out with some be sure to send me a message!

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Life is like a rollercoaster

So, Its been a while since I’ve made a post in this category and my last post is a bit out dated and an awful lot has changed in the past three weeks. I’ll start back to the first week after dropping out – I left uni with a sense of failure and it pushed me right down and I felt worthless however I decided not to give up and would continue on towards achieving an IT career in games. So a few days later I visited my local connexions office for advice on what my options were it then became pretty clear that I should give an apprenticeship a try – Its a new route and one that I’ve never considered..

So I started looking at IT apprenticeships – not realising there is actually quite a few available not in games particular but actually all over – I did what any other normal person would do… Apply for them all and a few people got back to me it really did start building up my confidence I attended a few interviews however my most recent one was a amazing shock.

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Andy – Where are you? Are you Alright?

This past week or so I’ve received this message from quite a few people – in and outside of university. The answers are I’m fine I suppose and I’m at home. A few people have noticed that I’ve become rather unhappy and that I’m no longer that cheery person that I once used to be instead I’m like a shell, I’ll take a few weeks back…

A while ago it hit me dead on in the face that I’m not happy with what I’m doing and that I’m going to fail at something that I’ve always pushed myself to achieve. I’ve always wanted to be a Game Developer and I’ve always wanted and pushed myself to get into the industry and by doing what I was doing I finally though I was on my way to doing that until it hit me. That sense of failure. I always put it down to I’m not working hard enough but when I started to lose countless hours of sleep and my overall confidence started to drop it really started to take its toll on me – I always set myself high standards and I cant face failure.

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